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Early Summer Lawn Fertilizer Program

Summers in New England can be brutal on lawns, even if they’re regularly watered. In 2019 we experienced not only the hottest July on record, with average temperatures around 79 degrees, but the hottest month of any year dating back to the first records in 1872! Twenty of the 31 days in July reached 85 degrees or higher with 12 topping 90-plus degrees.

Without a lot of assistance, cool-season turf just isn’t built to withstand that kind of constant, punishing heat for weeks. And while most turf naturally goes dormant in the summer, with the proper care from a lawn maintenance company, you can keep it green and help it springs back in the late summer and fall.

Our summer lawn fertilizer is a slow-release fertilizer that won’t burn or stress turf. It slowly releases only the necessary amount of nutrients for the roots to absorb when needed. Furthermore, we only apply the right amount of nutrients so your yard doesn’t become too lush, which can also damage it.

Our summer lawn fertilizer program is the perfect way to help your turf stay green during a time of year that most grass begins to brown and go dormant. Of course, to keep your lawn thriving all season, it’s important to support this fertilizing with proper watering and mowing.

During the summer we also apply our preventative grub control and treatment service. This pesticide protects your lawn from damaging grubs, which ferociously feed on the roots of your turf.

summer lawn fertilizer lawn care

Year-Round Quality Lawn Care

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Early Spring Feeding

Your lawn needs food as it awakes from its winter hibernation. We apply a slow-release fertilizer to strengthen root systems and replenish carbohydrate reserves.
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Late Spring Feeding

Turf Pro’s balanced, slow-release fertilizer readies your lawn for summer drought by building its energy reserves and helping your lawn remain green through the summer.
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Summer Feeding

Our balanced dose of fertilizer helps ensure your grass stays fresh, healthy and green. It’s slowly released so it doesn’t burn turf under the hot summer sun.
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Fall Feeding

Grass loves to grow in the fall because of the season’s ample rainfall and cooler temperatures. Applying our fertilizer at this time will green and thicken your lawn right up!
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Winter Lawn Care

While many people stop caring in late autumn, it’s important that you don’t forget about your yard in the “off-season.”
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Complete Lawn Care Program

Turf Pro’s lawn care program is both cost-effective and friendly for you, your family and the environment.

The Turf Pro Inc. Lawn Care Program

The Turf Pro Inc. lawn care fertilization program is cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Our goal is to make your lawn thick, healthy and green, while using the least amount of pesticides possible.

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Regular, consistent fertilization & controls.
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Weed Control

Weed prevention & management.
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Crabgrass control & prevention.
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Grub control & treatment.
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Lawn Lime

Lime treatment for pH balance.
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Additional Lawn Care Services

More than just a lawn fertilizer service, we offer a robust lawn care package that includes crabgrass, weed and grub control, and core aeration to help keep your turf healthy and beautiful.

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Aerating increases the flow of air to your turf’s root systems.
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Insect Control

Our lawn insect control service will keep your turf well-protected.
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Regularly scheduled treatments to keep ticks off your lawn (select areas only).
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Service Area

Our lawn maintenance company services parts of Norfolk and Bristol County, Massachusetts, including Foxborough, Mansfield, Walpole, Wrentham, Plainville, Sharon, Stoughton, Attleboro, North Attleborough, Easton, and Norton.

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